~ Realizing the Compassion for OTHER People ~

Below are books that Bob has assisted in writing over the years ever since his military career began in 1946:


Thoughts that caused Bob to record Future Outreach began forming in his mind starting with a Japanese room boy whose kindness was so profound that it has been difficult to record those thoughts on paper.  Similar thoughts have continued over the years since then as Bob has met other people.  A record was completed in 2014 and has been printed in this book.  Clicking on a copy of the book front cover above can give you more information about this book.

On Easter Sunday in 1948, our pastor gave an Altar Call.  I knew this was that for which my Youth Group friends had been preparing me.  On the way to the Altar, the most powerful feeling that I have ever felt came over me.

May some of the thoughts herein help you to reach out to others with love and understanding and may you help others to do the same.

Characters in the book: Emperor Huang Ti, Hindu Philosopher Sankara, The Buddha, Muhammad, Moses, Zoroaster, Christ, Gandhi

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The Other Side of the War

Viet Nam: The Other Side of the War was recorded with the assistance of civilian and military senior advisors with whom Bob served during the latter months of our South Viet Nam involvement.  The book was published in January 2005 on a disc in view of the very large number of pictures and maps in color.  Readers were having difficulty opening the book on their computers, so it was withdrawn from the book market in about 2006.  With the help of “Wilson Computer Support”, we can guarantee safe opening of the book on its disc.  Soon, it will be offered for sale again on added pages of this website that can be viewed by clicking then on the copy of the books front cover to the left.


The Cold Steel Third

In the mid-1980’s while Bob was the second president of an organization known as ‘Ranger Infantry Companies (Airborne) of the Korean War (RICA), his former company members requested that he assist them in writing about their time in training and in combat during 1950 and 1951.  Cold Steel Third: 3rd Airborne Ranger Company, Korean War (CST), was published in June 1993.  It sold out in a few months to members of about 20 former Airborne Ranger companies and to fellow airborne troopers.  In view of apparent interest in the Korean War Airborne Rangers, we are considering an EBook edition of CST with improved overprints on the maps in color.  If you are interested in owning a copy as an ebook, please use the Contact page above and let us know!

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